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01. It's all about telling the story
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Storyboard Organization - Animation Tips with The Animation Network

The key animator draws enough of the frames to get across the major points of the action and set the timing of the animation. A pencil test is a preliminary version of the final animated scene.

Grease Pencil Fundamentals

This allows the animation to be reviewed and improved upon before adding details and some of the missing frames in the scene. Similar to the storyboarding stage, an animator may be required to redo a scene many times before the director will approve it. The resulting drawings are again pencil-tested until they meet approval.

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Studios hiring layout artists generally prefer a candidate with exceptional artistic ability that is competent with software applications, but they will train the right applicant. Most important is a trained eye for laying out an attractive scene that accurately conveys the mood and plot.

Candidates are hired based on animated reels and portfolios. Previous experience in one or more areas of animation or visual effects is necessary. All rights reserved. Get In Media.


Meet Layout Artist Marta Jimenez! #Interview

Animation Layout Artist. Test Case Scenario: Dr. Deborah Hendersen. A Score to Settle: Brian Tyler.

CG Layout Artist | M2 Animation

Mix and Match: Craig Duman. Game On: Andy Dudynsky.

Short and Sweet: Saschka Unseld. Have some feedback for our editors? Contact Us.

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