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Furthermore, Cost of Capital, Fourth Edition should be a mandatory part of every valuation practitioner's library. If you buy this book, you can expect it to become well worn and remain on your desk within arm's length until the publication of the Fifth Edition. With so many additional considerations regarding each variable of the cost of capital formula, this book is a must for anyone that needs to understand or develop a discount rate.

Even the most experienced practitioner will benefit from the outstanding work of Pratt and Grabowski. This book has to become part of your library. Roger has testified in court as an expert witness on the value of closely held businesses and business interests, matters of solvency, valuation, and amortization of intangible assets, and other valuation issues. He testified in the Northern Trust case, the first U.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The Fourth Edition is mainly very important for its new subject matters in addition to increased assurance of recommendations from past variants. Tax Court decision that adopted the discounted cash flow method to value the stock of a closely held business with the discount rate based on the capital asset pricing model. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Applications and Examples, 4th ed. Workbook and Technical Supplement, 4th Edition.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. Capital investments -- United States. Business enterprises -- Valuation -- United States. Contents Alternative net cash flow definitions, supplement to chapter 3 Examples of computing OLS beta, sum beta, and full information beta estimates, supplement to chapter 10 Estimating beta: Includes bibliographical references and index. This single location in All: Open to the public ; This single location in Victoria: None of your libraries hold this item.

Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. Each workshop is packed with information, pedagogy, and hands-on activities. Teachers explore resources, dive into Number Corner, and do math that resembles a Bridges classroom.

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Bridges Getting Started workshops are scheduled either by grade-level bands, such as K—2 and 3—5, or are grade specific. A maximum of 30 participants is allowed in each session, but multiple sessions can be scheduled. Thank you for sharing your expertise, bringing laughter to the room, and cultivating confidence for our teachers. Learn More. This three-day workshop is designed to equip instructional leaders to lead their own Bridges Getting Started Workshops in-district for new hires or new-to-grade-level teachers.

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Participants will experience a condensed Bridges Getting Started Workshop covering both K—2 and 3—5 grade bands. They'll leave with the knowledge and materials necessary to offer these workshops in their own district. This face-to-face workshop is appropriate for districts after their first year of implementing Bridges in Mathematics. This week online course is offered in both fall and winter. It is designed to support math coaches and instructional leaders working towards increasing student achievement and teacher content knowledge during a Bridges in Mathematics implementation.

Participants read, reflect, and respond to prompts every two weeks. The readings were helpful because I could directly apply them to the work I have been doing. Prior to the workshop, we work with you to determine these needs. Our workshop leaders come to your district and work face-to-face with your classroom teachers. These leaders offer guidance in specific areas where teachers struggle and model methods for successful implementation. We appreciated having an expert on-site to answer our questions, share resources, and share their experience.

The annual Leadership Institute offers lead teachers, coaches, and curriculum specialists the tools for developing and sustaining a successful implementation of Bridges in Mathematics, Number Corner, and Bridges Intervention. This institute is limited to districts after their first year of implementing Bridges in Mathematics 2nd Edition. I left feeling enthusiastic and excited as we head into our second year of using Bridges.

Bridges has been so effective. My students are challenged and engaged, and parents and administrators are very impressed. I am very confident that my students learned far more in math this year than in previous years.

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Every kid in America deserves access to this quality of a universal core resource. One student wanted to cancel spring break so we could keep doing math. I was astounded. Bridges really helped me pull all of the pieces together in terms of content, delivery, and motivation. My students really excel in math, and I owe much of that to this curriculum.

Cost of Capital: Workbook and Technical Supplement, 4th Edition

My daughter never liked math before this year. Now she will not miss school for anything because she'd miss Bridges. That math program you're using is great! I can say without reservation that Bridges is one of the best decisions made in my 14 years here. Bridges is the best program I ever had the privilege of being a part of in my 30 year teaching career. Students who have used the Bridges program in earlier years bring prior knowledge of many math concepts which makes a real difference in the pace that I can achieve.

Many students, especially my ELL students, are developing a stronger sense of number using the visual ten-frames and finger models from Bridges. These strategies are providing successful concrete to representational forms for students. I wanted to let you know how much my students and I enjoyed the "quick sketch" model for multiplying larger numbers. It is nice to be able to put a visual in student's hands to help them understand a normally complicated process. Bridges promotes a deeper level of understanding and encourages higher order thinking.

Bridges met the needs of both my high and low students. The kids were challenged and really enjoyed math -- even those who started the year hating math. And, my students did well on the state math assessment. It seems everyday one of our teachers stops me in the hall to share what great things are happening in math. This program has given me the steps to make that dream a reality.

For the first time in my 11 years of teaching I feel my class truly has a good grasp of fractions. Great job getting my kids there! The children can visualize math and understand patterns in it. They are much more capable of exploring how they got an answer. All of the children enjoy math and are actively involved.

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  8. I have a very challenging group of kids, and we are having an outstanding year in math. The kids are so engaged and interested. The visual models in Bridges are one of its huge strengths! They help all children understand the math concepts— students who might otherwise struggle with the content, and those ready for the challenge of generalizing the math concepts to larger numbers and different situations. In more than 20 years of teaching elementary math I have used a range of curricula in several states and two countries. That tells it all! Our current fifth graders have been using Bridges since kindergarten.

    Their teachers are extremely impressed with the math vocabulary and deep understanding these students bring forth in the classroom. I used to wish math would go by fast because I didn't get it and I also hoped my teacher wouldn't call on me. I also like to go up to the board and share and explain my thinking!

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    We went from an unexciting, monotonous math text to Bridges. Teaching math has become exciting again. I love watching students working with Bridges as they build knowledge, confidence, autonomy, and a sincere love for mathematics.

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    Our teaching staff examined and researched many different curricula before choosing Bridges. It is very comprehensive and keeps our students involved and excited about learning math.

    go to site Bridges is everything I have wanted in a program. I am seeing growth like never before, and most importantly I see students realizing that math is thinking and problem solving, not just factual data processing.