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He has reviewed papers, chaired sessions, been a discussant, and presented his empirical research works in a number of international conferences such as Comparative and International Education Society, American Educational Research Association, and Association of Education Economics.

Economics and Education

EDUC EDEN Liza Herzog. Thapa, A. Higher education and economic development in Nepal. Bista, S. Raby Eds. New York: Routledge. School climate. Rojek Eds. Wiley Blackwell. Coker, C.

Perceptions of school climate: The role of extracurricular activities. Boyle Eds. Boston: Brill Sense. School climate community scale: Report on construct validity and internal consistency. School Community Journal , 27 2 , — Cohen, J. Journal of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Inaugural special issue on the Gordon Paradigm of Inquiry and Practice. School climate improvement: What do U. Martinez, A, Coker, C. Involvement in extracurricular activities: Identifying differences in perceptions of school climate. We will study the main theories explaining the demand for education and the model about supply in this special sector.

Centre for the Economics of Education and Training (CEET)

We will also discuss the proper methodology for estimating those demand and supply models and the main results and limitations of the existence empirical evidence. Students will acquire the following knowledge skills: - To understand and analyze education policy problems. This includes learning techniques, and the the use of statistical resources, among other things. This particular skill will be very useful, for example, in doing the Bachelor thesis. Moreover, students will improve the following skills : - Analytical and presentation skills of scientific results.

With respect to attitudes, as a result of the work done in this course, the following attitudes will be strengthen: - Curiosity and interest for solving empirical problem with rigour, and to test and quatify answer to questions in this subject. Description of contents: programme. Topics in Economics of Education. Indicators in education: gross and net enrollment rates; measures of Investment in education and human capital stock.

Education economics - Wikipedia

Human capital and economic growth: is there a causal relation? Human capital theory. Consumption theory. Theory of signaling.

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The intergenerational transmission of inequality. Empirical implications of demand models. Determinants of demand: the importance of socioeconomic background and the effects of unemployment. Mincer wage equation. Estimation of the returns: methods, main findings in the empirical literature, limitations biases , possible solutions. Effect on the probability of unemployment. Are there too many university graduates over-education?

Which are the costs of studying? Expenses and education costs.

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  8. Public spending and private spending. Cost functions. Economies of scale and economies of scope. Which are the factors explaining quality of education? How can we explain the fact that two students with the same number of years of education acquire different levels of human capital? Which is the impact on school quality of increasing class size? Which are the determinants of school dropout? What policies have greater impact on students performance? School Inputs and Outputs Student Achievement : definitions and measures.

    The Impact of the Coleman Report. The Determinants of School Quality. The local and public model. School vouchers: Models and Experiments.