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A personal reflection on a life enriched by immigration and its link to public health.
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  4. ‘Our country is not a safe place’: why Salvadorans will still head for the US
  5. Most immigrants come to the United States in search of better life, our freedoms

The worst offense Acuna has ever committed, meanwhile, is a speeding ticket. He could not say when his father, Jaime, entered the country.

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The family initially settled in Los Angeles before making their way to Pennsylvania. And his English is probably better that yours.

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Acuna and his brother, and later three American-born siblings, attended local schools in Carlisle. He got his green card through marriage, and began the long journey to citizenship.

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His parents and his brother are still working on obtaining theirs, he saido. Overshadowed by the light and the heat over the border wall and the fight over The Wall is any sensible discussion of structural immigration reform, including what to do about the fate 1. In a conference call with reporters on Thursday, U. Bob Casey, D-Pa. And he cast Trump as an unfaithful negotiating partner. On Thursday, with negotiations at a standstill and Trump moving seemingly inexorably toward declaring a national emergency to get the wall built, Acuna said he wished the president could get a much-needed dose of perspective.

My parents came here because they wanted a better life. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Succeeding generations have helped make our nation prosperous and keep our great cities thriving. It was generations of immigrants that built our nation, and by working constructively to fix our broken immigration system, we can lay the economic foundation that America needs to win the future.

This need not be so. Immigration continues to bring countless benefits to our nation, even with an immigration system in need of reform.

But if America is to win the future, we have to restore responsibility and accountability to our broken system. Of these workers, 54 percent are 25 to 44 years old. By comparison, the average age of a U.

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  • Do immigrants get better lives?.
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  • Children of immigrants return to Asia for job opportunities.

The aging of the U. In fact, through , immigrants and their children will account for 60 percent of U. Immigrants work in all types of occupations. They are teachers, scientists, engineers, and construction workers.

Scrambling onto trucks for a better life

They play a valuable role in our communities and our economy—as neighbors, friends and family members. They sustain crucial lower skilled industries such as agriculture, fruit and vegetable processing, apparel manufacturing, leather and leather products manufacturing, and meat packing. Immigrant workers are revitalizing rural areas with ties to these sectors by fueling population growth. The immigrant population also pumps up job growth by spurring the creation of new businesses to serve them as consumers. Social Security system.

But immigrants are professionals, too. Census data show that roughly one in eight immigrants has an advanced degree. Immigrants account for 28 percent of doctoral degrees awarded in all fields, and over 40 percent of doctorate degrees awarded in science and technology. Immigrants are credited with 24 percent of patents and founded or cofounded over 25 percent of engineering and technology companies in the U.

Do immigrants get better lives?

These statistics show how crucial immigration is to our national goals. Our nation is full of bold entrepreneurs ready to develop new ideas. Our colleges and universities are the best in the world, and we have bright young people—both U. Yet to realize our full potential, we need policies that will ensure we win the global competition for new jobs and industries. This requires ensuring our workforce is the best trained and best skilled, and that our workplaces are safe and healthy. We need to ensure that the next Intel is created in America and hires American workers.

The Harvard Educational Review - HEPG

Winning the future and building a competitive America demands an immigration system that works. It must honor our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. It must secure our borders, dismantle human trafficking groups, and set clear rules and priorities for future immigration that level the playing field for American workers and employers.

The immigration-related policies that the Obama Administration is advancing to achieve these aims are reflected in his Fiscal Year budget. These actions, which will benefit all students, will help America restore its international leadership in the number of college graduates, while supporting institutions that produce a large share of math and science-oriented minority students.

‘Our country is not a safe place’: why Salvadorans will still head for the US

Funding is doubled for a comprehensive science and technology workforce program that brings graduates from historically underrepresented communities into these careers. Through these investments, we are working to make college more affordable, revitalizing community colleges, connecting graduates to businesses that need their skills, and giving people with gaps in skills the training to secure employment. But we must also build from the ground up.

High-quality learning programs serving migrant children must be supported so these children can overcome the unique challenges they face.

Most immigrants come to the United States in search of better life, our freedoms

These challenges stem from frequent moves and the resulting changes in curriculum, graduation requirements and academic achievement standards along with the barriers that come from high poverty rates. And while many immigrants have achieved high levels of education, many others struggle to receive high school diplomas. Of them, nearly 4.