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The characteristics of antigens and human immunological response systems will also be part of the immunology course. Students will also be exposed to several applied courses in microbiology which will enable them to understand the role of microorganisms in the field of industry, agriculture, medicine and environment.

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa

This is approximately 1kg of bacteria. Keeping up with the latest news and research about microbes is easy with Microbiology Online — your one-stop shop for microbial science education.

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More on What's new. Just think what may be on their hands! The Microbiology Society is a professional body for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology.

What is Microbiology?

It has over 4, members worldwide who are based in universities, industry, hospitals and research institutes. More on About Us. Some dentists recommend that a toothbrush should be kept at least 2 metres away from a toilet to avoid air-borne particles resulting from the flush — what a large bathroom! These minute life forms are essential to the cycling of nutrients in the eco-systems of the planet.

What is microbiology?

We need to understand the role of microbes in global terms, but there are many aspects of our daily lives where knowledge of microbiology can help us answer everyday questions such as. Biotechnology, which often uses microbes or their products, is a fast-growing area of science. Some of the techniques used, such as genetic modification, cause public concern. A good understanding of the science behind such controversial issues enables balanced judgements to be made. The function of microbes as tiny chemical processors is to keep the life cycles of the planet turning.

Home About Microbiology. About Microbiology Micro-organisms affect every aspect of life on Earth.

Introducing microbes. Microbes and the human body.

Home | UW Microbiology

Microbes and food. Microbes and the outdoors. Microbes and climate change. Teachers Micro-organisms can be used to demonstrate principles of biology and to model industrial processes, as well as offering opportunities for teaching across the curriculum.